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As a cash transfer mobile tool launched by Square in 2013, Square Cash allows users to directly send money to each other from a linked debit card, credit card, or any available funds in your Cash app. SquareCash is available for personal and business use and creating two accounts for different payment use is highly recommended. For business account users, Square Cash lets you request payments at the price of 2.75% per transaction. Cash App is the fastest growing financial brand in the world. Built to take the pain out of peer-to-peer payments, Cash App has gone from a simple product with a single purpose to a dynamic money app with over 25 million active monthly users. Features: Fees and Limits:Square Cash transactions are free for debit cards, but it charges 3% fee per transaction for credit cards or bank accounts users. Free transactions are limited to $2,500 a week after verifying your identity with name, date of birth, and the last four digits of your SSN. If you are running a small business, you can install Square Cash Pro which has no money amount limit but will charge 1.5 percent for debit card or bank account transactions. $Cashtags:Every Square Cash user will receive a personal $Cashtag through which people can send money directly without asking for phone numbers or email addresses. Pros User-friendly design You can store some money in the Cash Drawer Several methods for sending and requesting money You can store some money in the Cash Drawer Perform simple payment tasks on Smart Apple Watch Cons Charge fees per transaction for credit cards users Lower spending limits than competitors $Cashtags are not so attractive


How to play

Enter your email address or phone number.

Enter the password sent to the email/phone number.

Enter your debit card information to connect to the bank.

Enter your full name.

Identify the $ Cashtag, which is the only username people can use to send money to you

Enter your postal code.

How do I send and receive money? When logging into the Cash App from your computer, click New at the bottom of the screen to open a new window where you can start the money transfer process. Simply enter an amount, write who you want to send it to (their email address, phone number or $ Cashtag), and then selectively describe the purpose of the transaction. Then, click Request money to send the request to the recipient and they will see the currency on their computer or phone and be able to respond to it to send you the money. Or, if you want to send them money, use the Pay button to immediately transfer the funds to their Cash App account. A similar step is provided in the mobile app: use the on-screen keypad to enter the amount and then select either button to send or request cash. Finally, select the recipient's identity and provide the "To" text to keep things organized.

Another way to earn money from someone through the Cash App is through your $ Cashtag. When you open an account, you create a unique username that other Cash App users can use to easily send money to you. They can do this through their own application or by accessing your special URL.


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