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The game is one of the most classic triple elimination games, try challenging and fun triple elimination games with unique puzzles when decorating aquariums and creating comfortable homes for cute talking fish. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other.

Swap your colorful tiles, earn money and build your dream aquarium. Let your imagination run free and decorate a uniquely themed aquarium. Feel like running a big farm or having fun in your aquarium, perfect your aquarium design skills and have fun with exotic aquarium pets. Create your dream aquarium!

Experience a challenging and fun game with a great story, while decorating your aquarium to create a comfortable and cozy home for your cute little fish. Feed the fish, play with them, and watch them play. Your little fish friends are waiting for you! Put on your diving mask, enjoy the beautiful pictures and "dive" into the underwater world right now!


How to play

 level, sometimes there will be auxiliary props for players to use. For example, bombs can blow up part of the range, while the elimination range of the cupola is smaller, proper use will be able to pass the level more easily. The background is the current style of the player's fish tank, players are free to set and make various changes to build an aquatic kingdom in your device, to create a favorite underwater world, a variety of joyful game style and challenge, to discover more small fish, and constantly through the elimination and breakthrough to obtain more scenes, to find a variety of beautiful content of the sea world, which provides a lot of Halloween style fish or decoration! Don't miss it. Players have to earn money by eliminating the way through the levels, the funds can be used to buy fish, aquatic plants or devices in the aquarium, work hard to pass the level to make your fish tank rich.

Explore the thrilling underwater world with hundreds of challenging and fun levels, where each amusing 3D fish has its own personality and will surely interest you.

Unique gameplay: swap, match, design, decorate, play with fish, take care of fish, everything!


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