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Five Nights at Freddy's is an indie horror survival game series. The series is mainly produced by Scott Gogh, and generally runs in PC game and mobile game mode. Simple game operation, scary mechanical dolls and hidden mysterious story are the popular factors of this game.

The story of the series focuses on a fictional restaurant called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, which is based on the real-life design of Freddy the Rat and ShowBiz Pizza Place[1]. In the first three games, the player takes on the role of a night guard, using different props to survive and avoid attacks from the murderous animal mechanical dolls. The fourth game uses a different gameplay style than the previous one, this one takes place in a child's home, the player must fight against the nightmare mechanical dolls, and close the door at the right time to avoid being hurt. The fifth game takes place in a maintenance facility owned by the sister company of "Fess Bear Freddy's Pizza Restaurant". Players play a technician this time, according to the instructions given by the artificial intelligence to carry out a variety of tasks. The sixth game is a simulation game in which the player takes on the role of the owner of a pizza restaurant, paying for items and decorating the restaurant. Similar to its predecessor, the player must work the night shift in the pizza restaurant.


How to play

The Five Nights in the Teddy Bear's Harem master series are thriller-themed video games in which players serve as night guards at "Freddy the Fancy Bear's Pizza Restaurant" or its associated locations. In each game, players need to survive 5 nights (with the exception of the pizza restaurant simulator, which takes 6 days), and the difficulty increases with each night. There is an unlockable sixth night (except for the sister location and the pizza restaurant simulator), and additional nights (except for the third game): the first two games have a customizable seventh night that allows the player to customize the AI level of the mechanical dolls; the fourth game has a seventh night (Nightmare Night) and an eighth night (20/20/20/20 mode); the sister location has a customizable Night DLC [20]. Sister Places is the only game with only five nights (excluding its DLC); and Pizza Restaurant Simulator is the only game with only six days and no nights.

The fake endings and custom nights of the first three games and the sister locations feature CCTVs, which are considered by players to be a "classic" of the series. Players can confirm the location of the mechanical dolls through the CCTV. Players can only observe one location at a time, and some areas may not be viewable through the CCTV [1]. Most of the monitors do not have good picture quality, sometimes the colors are even black and white, and full of noise. In the third work, the monitor may also be unusable due to errors [21]. The player can use the monitor to perform some operations elsewhere, such as lighting a specific place in the second game.


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