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    7 October 2020

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Toca Life: Hospital is a simulation game, which can also be described as a role-playing game. The game features fictional hospital scenes such as operating theatres and administration rooms, as well as gurneys, bandages, crutches, hospital beds, wheelchairs, etc. that would be used in a real hospital. Once inside Toca Life: Hospital, players will experience an exciting day in a busy medical centre! Not only will you be welcoming newborns into the world, treating patients and even saying goodbye to loved ones! In Toca Life: Hospital, you can experience the joys and sorrows of life in your own way and feel the cycle of life.


Welcoming a new baby into the world can be both a little scary and a lot less exciting! Share the excitement we feel when we welcome new babies and hand them over to the Toca Life! Family members and medical staff, and you can feel the love and care for these little darlings.

The end

Sometimes there are sad moments in hospitals, and the farewell room in Toca Life: Hospital gives those who love each other a chance to say goodbye in peace.

Toca Life: Hospital is not just a game to pass the time, it is a game that helps children to understand the world better and teaches them a few things in the process. The game also serves as a warning that children must stay healthy to stay out of hospitals and that they must go to hospital when they are sick. They also learn about the daily tasks of health care workers. The graphics are cartoonish, which is one of the most popular styles for children, and the game is designed from a child's point of view, allowing them to be funny and playful, to use their creativity and to become what they want to be.


How to play

You can customize your character and dress up the target character with skins, hairstyles, clothes and more. There are a variety of characters in the game and you can control them and complete the game by tapping and dragging your finger.

There are five floors in Toca Life: Hospital: the basement level, the entrance level, the laboratory and treatment level, the home care level and the general care level, and you can simply move your character from floor to floor in the large lift.

Basement level: You can activate the siren on the ambulance in the garage on the basement level or crack the code on a mysterious machine to open the door to the secret laboratory!

Entrance level: On the entrance level, check in at the reception desk and take your seat in the waiting area or grab a snack from the small restaurant to pass the time.

Consultation level: The consultation level has various tools for diagnosing patients, a laboratory for examining samples and an operating theatre.

Family care floor: The family care floor has special units for children, an obstetrics and gynaecology unit with ultrasound, a nursery bed and a new baby!

General care level: Patients on the general care level have access to the Zen garden to talk and communicate about life. And when a loved one dies, a warm farewell can be said in the farewell room.

During the game you have to be careful of germs, which can make your character sick and the doctor can prescribe medication to treat the patient. Use the CAT scanner and x-ray machine to diagnose patients! Check the vitals of a patient undergoing surgery on a medical monitor. It's all up to you, so come and explore!


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