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Explore your imagination with the Toca Life World educational game. With tons of customizable features, players enjoy unlimited ways to build their own world. Developed by Toca Boca, this app brings together all other Toca Life apps into one giant and beautiful world.

Toca Life World is designed to unleash the creative genius of children. Kids see their ideas becoming tangible as they build a completely new world from their imagination. Users can design custom avatars, decorate houses and create cities. With expressive character animations and graphics and no rules and limits, children enjoy hours of imaginative digital play.

The free app comes with 39 characters and eight locations to explore, such as an apartment, shopping mall, food court and hairdresser. That provides an excellent place for users to start building their own world. More than 500 characters, 500 pets and 100 locations are available for purchase in the shop.

Players can place characters in different scenarios and act out any story they like. Characters can travel to the cities that users build. There are numerous outfits and accessories to choose from to give characters a glow up. The ability to decide the present and future of the characters gives children a certain level of independence.

From taking a pet to school to taking a doctor to the salon and dying their hair green to taking sloths to a skating park, the possibilities of creating stories with favorite characters are endless. Toca Life World enhances its storytelling element further by also letting users record movements alongside their voices. They can share the stories with family or friends.

Unite the Toca Boca universe with Toca Life World. The mega app combines all other apps in the Toca Life Series. If you already have City, Office, Vacation, Hospital, or other apps in the Toca Life collection, this app lets you sync all the data into it. Kids can mix and match characters and locations however they want and expand their world using progress they made in the other apps, opening themselves to a huge, interconnected world.

Toca Life World is best suited for kids ages 6 to 12, but imaginative children of any age can enjoy it. It delivers safe play experiences.

The app doesn’t contain ads or require the use of a browser, helping protect children from inappropriate content. Parental control settings let parents block access to shopping for in-app purchases, so children cannot place orders within the app without first notifying their parents. The controls also let parents turn off some of the app’s elements like background music and the video recording option.

Toca Boca has a solid reward system that offers surprise gifts every week, so players don’t have to always purchase new items in the shop to add to their world. Besides weekly bonuses, you get several gifts scattered all over the map.

Get into the Toca Life World educational game today and hone your creativity as you bring your fantasy world to life.


How to play

A total of ten scenes, each scene is different, but the details are very rich and good-looking, the screen of each item can be used. An apartment inside, which has a balcony, living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet. The layout and arrangement are very attentive. The sun outside the balcony click to switch between day and night, if you like to switch to night mode, you can click on the corresponding lights can control the switch. The refrigerator inside the kitchen can be opened, the food inside can be used for cooking, any two types of food put together can be cooked into a new product, the kitchen gas stove, oven click on the switch to control cooking, cooked food can be put into the dish inside, the sink faucet can be opened to wash dishes Oh. The refrigerator runs out of things to buy in the supermarket. All the items in the living room can be placed at will Oh, the TV can also switch programs, electric fans can also click to control the switch, the balcony lights can also be switched Oh, you can also plant tomatoes to water flowers, etc., in the supermarket can also buy more potted plants back to plant Oh. The attic bedroom can pull the characters up to sleep ha, you can also go to the supermarket to buy new bed linen supplies. The toilet shower faucet can come Oh, the toilet can also be used Ha supermarket inside all the things can be bought, selected and placed in the cashier will automatically pack, and then click on the bottom right corner of the character logo, to buy good things to any character to take. Then return to the apartment, click on the character symbol in the lower right corner, find the character who just took something and put it in the apartment! This way you can stock up at the supermarket at will.


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