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    December 3, 2018

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    Invictus Studio
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Angry Neighbor is a casual entertainment game that reveals a mysterious atmosphere. We have to live in a small town and explore the big house of the neighbor across the street due to curiosity reasons, but never let the neighbor find out.

Neighbor is always an unusual person who hides in his house, you become curious and then go to his house, but he does not recognize but starts to catch you, avoiding the traps of neighbors and learn the house independently.

In front of evil neighbors

-Good 3D graphics, optimized for mobile devices.

-Quality movement controls

-Full freedom of movement

Do whatever you want and have fun :)

Find the door keys

Climb to different places

Explore the house


How to play

After entering the game, we can see the reminder, press and hold the left side of the screen and slide to move back and forth to walk. Walk over and you can see a key on the box, we will align the small white dot in the middle of the screen with this key and click the button on the right side of the screen to get it. Get sometimes, press and hold the right side of the screen slide, you can control the perspective, we control the perspective of the turn, the back of the small houses is their home. Walk to the door of the home, the same screen is the center of the small white ground against the electrical box, click the right button, you can turn on the power of the home. The door is closed, we can not open, click the place at the top of the screen "Inventory", you can open the backpack, we can see that there is a key inside, is just outside the key obtained. Hold the key with your finger, drag it to the left side of the screen in the props bar, you can take out the key. Then also click "Inventroy" to close the backpack, click the key in the props bar on the left side of the screen, you can see a very large key appears in front of us. Point the white dot in the middle of the screen to the door, click the right side of the screen to use the button, you can open the door. After entering the door there are two rooms, a bedroom, a living room, everyone can explore, this is their own home, nothing to worry about. Bedroom and a burger can be collected.

Next is the point, our home is a plain one-storey hut, while the neighbors across the street do have several layers of large villas, so luxurious house, in the town is very dazzling, of course, will also make people curious, what is inside. We walk directly to the door, the small white dot to the door, click the right button, you can open the door, very easy, after opening the door you can see a person inside the small room, he is our neighbor. Creepy thing appeared, our neighbor found us, and then came to catch us, just his posture and expression really let people feel some fear, plus the game will appear in the horror of the sound effects, I saw neighbors walking over the instant goose bumps are up. Caught by the neighbors and, we will be "reborn" in their own homes, and then can come out again to explore the mysterious villa across the street. The only thing we have to remember is that we can not let this mysterious neighbor find himself, the good thing is that every time the neighbor will be close to the horror sound effects, so even if we can not see him, hear the music change, you can also hurry to find a safe place to hide. We can also use some techniques, such as seeing the neighbor at the front door, we can go around the back of the villa and go in through the back door, and there are various different materials and props to collect in various corners of the villa to facilitate our exploration in the house.


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