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The game revolves around a world called "Tivat", a vast world full of life and elemental energy, where those chosen by the gods are granted the "Eye of God" to guide the elemental powers, and these people are called "Protokami".

You will play the role of a "traveler" with different personalities and unique abilities of companions to travel together and discover the truth of the "original gods".

You can choose to play as the brother or sister of the travelers and search for your only lost relative.

Thus begins your journey through Tivat in search of answers to the "seven" elemental deities. Along the way, prepare to explore every inch of this wonderful world, teaming up with different types of characters, and solving mysteries and countless puzzles.

And solve the mysteries and countless Teyvat holds ......

In the game elemental system is the characteristic of this game, the game has a total of seven attributes of wind, fire, thunder, water, ice, grass and rock, each element complement each other causing different elemental reactions.

When the fire element comes into contact with the ice element, it will produce a melting reaction; when the fire element comes into contact with the water element, it will produce an evaporation reaction; when the fire element comes into contact with the thunder element, it will produce an overload reaction; when the fire element comes into contact with the grass element, it will produce a burning reaction.

freezing reaction when ice element comes into contact with water element; superconductivity reaction when ice element comes into contact with lightning element; induction reaction when water element comes into contact with lightning element.

When the rock element comes into contact with the water/fire/ice/lightning element, it will produce a crystallization reaction; when the wind element comes into contact with the water/fire/ice/lightning element, it will produce a diffusion reaction.

The seven kingdoms in the game are the collective name of the seven regimes governed by the seven earthly rulers in the Tivat continent under the current story timeline, corresponding to: Wind - Mond, Rock - Riyue, Thunder - Inawashi, Grass - Sumeru, Water - Fontaine, Fire - Nata, Ice - to Winter

The game is not just another mindless battle but the manipulation of various elements is the key to defeating powerful enemies and solving challenging puzzles.

You can choose who to team up with, and you can select certain characters from multiple characters to organize your team - each character has unique abilities, personality and fighting style. And you can choose to start a team on your own, or invite your friends to team up with you to finish the battle and win.

Join us to build your dream team and participate in a variety of role-playing teams with unique personalities, learn about the story and play to your abilities, discover your favorite party combinations and upgrade your characters to help you conquer the toughest enemies.


How to play

The game is mainly an open world map, in addition to the normal walking, you can climb, swim, glide and other means of movement to explore a variety of ruins and terrain

In the battle system, you can choose four characters at a time to participate in the battle, and as the story progresses and completes tasks, you will be able to unlock more characters. Each character has two types of skills, Elemental Battle Technique (minor move) and Elemental Burst (major move). Elemental Battle Technique can be activated as soon as the cooldown of the move ends, while Elemental Burst requires the accumulation of elemental energy and is cast in elemental form.

World Interaction is the ability to interact with many set interactive parts of the world, for example, you may encounter a cooking fire in the field and cook on it. Sometimes the fires you encounter are extinguished and need to be manually lit by your fire character in order to cook. Random monsters may be encountered during your adventure and will increase as you level up. In addition, online play can be enabled after you reach adventure level 16.

So join us for your team battle! Manipulating various elements is the way to defeat powerful enemies!


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