Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas

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    June 14, 2021

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Red Pretender is a fun and engaging action game. Your mission is simple: execute all the living crew members of the ship. Do not let anyone survive.


- Hold and drag to move around the ship, kill the crew and destroy objects.

- The level is complete when you kill everyone without being noticed!

- Be careful with the crew, they may find out you are a disguise

-Very easy to understand.

-Single finger control

-Numerous challenges from easy to proficient.

-Absolutely free to play."


How to play

This is an engaging and fun action game. If you have played other similar games, you will easily play this game because the tasks are similar. Your task in this game is very simple. You just need to do all your best to execute every creature on this ship. Specifically, you are a ruthless killer and you cannot let any living soul survive.

Now is definitely not the time for you to show mercy. If you spare them, the direct result will be that you will be banished from this ship. Trust me, the dark universe is not for you. It will be the last place you want to leave behind.

As for tips, you play this game quite simply. You just need to hold and drag your character around the screen to kill. You know that on this spaceship, you are completely on your own. And there is no one to turn to. So you have to be careful and before you take any action you have to develop a perfect strategy.

In fact, it's not about pure brute force. It's about intelligence and strategy. You need to consider the right sequence of kills. This is the right way for you to complete your mission without making any mistakes. You know that you cannot expose yourself while on a mission. Once you are discovered by one of the crew members, you will be exiled. However, you are perfectly capable of destroying any object if necessary. If you can kill everyone on the ship without being noticed, the mission is complete.


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