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zubair anwar


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    May 5, 2021

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The story is about a talented girl and her worst high school teacher. The horrible teacher has been threatening children, giving corporal punishment and sometimes torturing them. Now that the horrible teacher has relocated as your neighbor, you decide to teach her a lesson by scaring her.

What is the ideal revenge? It's time to scare the "creepy teacher" by doing various activities and releasing the pets in her custody. You must complete the tasks/assignments within the time allotted without getting caught.

The Creepy Teacher, commonly known as Miss T. The house consists of 15 rooms, each with some unsolved mystery. You will recover photos of child victims, threatened pets, chocolate cake and chocolates. Remember, the "basement" also has some surprises.


How to play

A spoof game. A bad teacher who likes to punish her students has moved in next door to your house, and as a student who also hates her, you decide not to miss this opportunity to teach this bad teacher a lesson.

Each level of the game has different props: mouse traps placed in the cabinet, the kitchen inside the ketchup. As long as the reasonable use, can achieve the effect of compulsion, to this bad teacher a lesson.

Although this is a game for the purpose of compulsion, but in fact its main gameplay or an escape type of game, because the game is in 3D cartoon style, so the game as a whole is not very scary elements, more or puzzle escape process.

We can observe the teacher's location through the upper left corner of the screen, while picking up the props in the level to help you slow down the teacher's walking speed.

Be sure to pay attention to the teacher's movements, do not be found by her

1. an open world style interactive house

2. 15 different rooms and mysteries for you to solve

3. horror theme, but suitable for children of all ages

4. simple controls


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