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Set in the grim world of Robert Kirkman's zombie-infested comic The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, make yourself a key player in the fight for survival. The breadth of things to do and the familiar faces will delight fans of the franchise. Led by Rick, Michonne and crew, you'll battle the undead in harsh turn-based battles - then return to Woodbury (where the ruthless Governor rules) and spend resources rebuilding the town. A suitably resilient art style and decision-making moments that influence the story add more heat to an already white-hot experience.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the official strategy role-playing game of The Walking Dead. Join Rick, Michonne and other iconic Walking Dead characters as you build your ultimate team of survivors in a zombie apocalypse battle.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the definitive zombie strategy RPG brought to you by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic book series.

Fight the Walkers and humans for survival and use strategy against enemies in this adventure role-playing game. Build a town to keep the Walkers out, but beware - the horrors that lurk outside aren't the only threat.

An all-new story based on award-winning Walking Dead author Jay Bonansinga. Make uncompromising decisions and develop your survival strategy.


How to play

Battle Walkers and Survivors

-Fight fierce opponents and use your best survival strategies

- Headshot! Deal the killing blow and the killing blow to zombies and your enemies

- Use Michonne's katana

Special melee and long-range attacks with lethal weapons such as alliances and PvP RPGs

- Raid the enemy: Choose your battle strategy to raid the enemy player's resources

- Factions: Forge alliances with other players to help each other in battle

- Territory: You and your faction fight to seize and control valuable enemy land and resources

War - Total War: Fight against other factions around the world in the ultimate limited time event

Strategic role-playing game - exploit strengths and exploit weaknesses

- Combat strategy is the key to scoring powerful hits - but watch out for retaliatory strikes

- Your battle strategy needs to ensure the safety of Woodbury survivors - Strike to win

Upgrade Survivors

-Upgrade and customize survivors to enhance their weapons and skills

- RPG progression to make your survivors stronger to reduce more walkers

- Collect new survivors from The Walking Dead universe, each with their own specialized battle strategies

Maps and locations from The Walking Dead

- Explore locations from the new 3D map comic with an authentic feel

Build your base and expand into the wasteland

- Build and maintain your housing community to house survivors, town halls, workshops and more

Play in iconic Walking Dead locations

Battle - fight alongside your faction to control well-known areas

- Fight, conquer and defend locations such as Alexandria, Woodbury, shelters and more

Real-time in-game activities 

- Play games to gain valuable resources and new exclusive survivors


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