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Fruit Ninja 5th anniversary special game! Play Fruit Ninja Free like never before! Game Features: Slice fruit, don't slice bombs. Slice for higher scores. Use powerups and special bananas. Enjoy the nuances of Classic, Zen and Arcade mode. Meet new amazing characters.

Cut the fruit, not the bombs - that's all you need to know to start the addictive "Fruit Ninja" action!

Whichever game you prefer, the free version of the game includes features to satisfy your appetite for fruit destruction.

Challenge yourself and see how long you can last in Classic mode, set a high score in Arcade mode or simply practice your fruit slicing skills in Zen mode. You can use a variety of blades and dojo to help you shortcut your way to the top. Want more fun? Take a break and experience new ways to slice your favorite fruits with minigames or test your mastery of the game and win prizes in the daily challenges. Go head-to-head with leaderboards and local multiplayer and show your friends your skills as the ultimate ninja.

Facing a real challenge? Play "Event" mode and battle other ninjas for a chance to win unique blades and dojos.

But that's not all - give yourself an edge by logging in every day and earn daily prizes, including rare blades and dojos that can be used in other game modes!

There's never been a better time to play Fruit Ninja, so let go of the sword and get ready for an addictive, action-packed gaming experience!


How to play

The player controls the knife to cut the fruit through the touch screen. When the fruit appears on the screen, the player slides his finger across the screen to perform a cutting action in an attempt to cut the fruit in half. Extra points are added when multiple fruits are sliced at once (combo) and when multiple fruits are sliced at the same time using multiple fingers. The player must cut all the fruits that appear, and the game ends if three fruits are missed (except when using the quill blade). When the score reaches a multiple of 100, the player receives extra lives, but the life value is not greater than the life value at the beginning of the game. Bombs will occasionally appear on the screen, and the game will end if the player slices them by mistake and does not use the "bomb deflection".

In Zen mode, players need to get as high a score as possible within 90 seconds and without bombs in the way. Arcade mode is similar to Zen mode, but the bombs only deduct 10 points from the player's real-time score instead of making the player lose the game, and special bananas appear at random to bring unique effects. For example, getting double score for a limited time, increasing the number of fruits appearing and slowing down the movement of all fruits. In Classic and Arcade modes, special pomegranates appear out of nowhere. One of them, in Arcade mode, is the one that appears near the end of each game. Players can slice multiple times in a row to get extra points. In the classic mode also appears such as very rare dragon fruit, if you cut it, you will get 50 points directly.

Join us in slicing more fruits!


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