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    May 26, 2020

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Stickman Soccer is a soccer game with matchmaker as the main character, restoring the most realistic soccer field. Are you ready for an exciting game of soccer?

Whether you love sports or not, you can use this app. Stickman Soccer not only brings back the soccer field for players, but also gives them a better understanding of soccer in this easy and simple way. With fast-paced soccer matches, you won't get bored or tired, and you can easily master the whole game with just a flick of your finger. Smooth game graphics show you the best of the game live, from passing to shooting, you won't miss a single moment of the action!

Show off your skills on the pitch by completing crazy moves with a simple touch, do you have the confidence to be the winning side? Every match is exciting, choose your favorite national soccer team among 32 teams with different skills and finish the season differently in the most spectacular stadiums. Control the players on the field and make them move the way you want to pass the ball, every action is crucial, don't underestimate your opponents and lead your team to glory!

Game features.

1. Fast-paced game with several modes to choose from such as season and training.

2. Complete season challenge with 32 national soccer teams.

3. 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard.

4. Smooth game graphics, simple touch controls.

5. Compete with your friends through leaderboards.

A pure soccer game is about to start! Learn soccer in Stickman Soccer and lead your teammates to win after win! Enjoy soccer fun and learn more about soccer!


How to play

Stickman Soccer is a soccer game with Matchman as the main character, each soccer player appears as a Matchman and the game is simple but also quite fun. Although it is a simple soccer game, it also offers 4 game modes: training mode, quick game, season mode and street soccer. The operation of each mode is the same, but the game content is slightly different.

First of all when you enter the game for the first time, you can choose a mode by yourself. Once the game mode is selected, you can choose a team. There are many kinds of teams, and each team has different offensive and defensive capabilities. After the team is selected, you can customize the game time and game difficulty, the game difficulty is divided into 3 levels: easy, medium and hard, new players can start from easy.

After starting the game, the controls at the bottom left corner of the screen are used to control the player's front and back movement, and the controls at the bottom right corner of the screen are SHOOT and PASS, SHOOT is the pass key and PASS is the shoot key, the longer the shoot and pass keys are pressed the more powerful the pass and shoot will be. When the defending team, the control in the lower right corner will automatically switch to SLIDE, SWITCH, SLIDE is the shovel key, SWITCH is the switch defending player key. The top left corner of the screen will show the time and scoreboard of the game.

Whether as an attacker or defender, the player's actions are very important. When facing a defensive player, try to avoid head-on confrontation, keep a safe distance and look for a safe time to act. When acting as a defender, learn to anticipate your opponent's actions and stand in your opponent's passing path in advance to make it easier to finish the defense.


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